Item #0472: 2013 Strick Dry Van Unit# 13114

Item Price: $10,000.00
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HUB READING = 86,992,
HUB READING = 133,500,
Axles: Tandem 20,000 Front / 20,000 Rear,
Spread Axle: No,
Suspension: Air Ride,
Tire Size: F 295/75R22.5,
Tire Size: R 295/75R22.5,
Wheels: Steel,
Rear Door: Swing,
Interior Height: 110",
Exterior: 162"H 102"W 53'L,
Exterior: Color WHITE

Contact Name: Ed Castagna
Phone: 516-229-1968
Address: El Paso, TX 79907
** Each lender MUST approve final bids before the sale is valid**

IPA# 61492-11 - El Paso, TX

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