Item #0290: 2013 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500

Item Price: $20,000.00
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59,656 Miles,
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz,
Model Year: 2013,
Model: Sprinter,
Engine Series: V-6 3.0 L DieselC2500/P2500,
Engine Capacity: 3.0L Turbo (MG5+MH1) EPA/10,
Fuel Type: Diesel,
Vehicle Details: Cargo Van,
Brake System: Hydraulic,
Series: C2500/P2500,
GVWR Class: Class G: 8,001Lbs-9,000Lbs

Inspection by appointment only.
Contact Name: Ed Castagna
Phone: 516-229-1968
Address: Lebanon, OR 97355

** Each lender MUST approve final bids before the sale is valid**

IPA# 44141 - Lebanon, OR

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